Lot & Lot Sales Process

Q:  How many lots are available for purchase?
A: Please refer to the Lot Purchase Opportunities section of the website for current lot availability or contact us using the Contact Us option. 

Q:  What is the process for contracting on one of the lots?
A:  We will provide a standard form of contract for the lot transaction. We will not modify the form or substance as the language has been crafted to meet all regulatory requirements.

Q:  When will the lot closing occur?
A:  Please see paragraph two (2) of the Draft Contract of Sale.

Q:  What happens if I decide not to build on my lot and sell it?
A:  Our intent is not to sell lots to speculative buyers/investors. Should you elect not to build and sell your lot, you will be subject to the contractual obligation concerning profit share. Please refer to the draft contract for details.

Q:  Can I purchase more than one lot?
A:  Yes, multiple lots can be purchased by one purchaser.

Q:  Can I bid on more than one lot even if I only want to purchase just one?
A:  Yes. If we receive more than one bid on a lot, we will contact each buyer to submit a best and final offer. If you happen to be amongst the final group on more than one lot, we will ask you to ONLY submit your best and final offer on that one lot.

Q:  Do we need proof of funds when submitting an offer?
A:  Proof of funds are required when we contact you to draft a contract. If you plan to purchase your lot under an entity, proof of funds and supporting documentation for the entity will be required at that time.

Q:  Do I need to be represented by a Realtor®?
A:  No, a Realtor is not needed.

Q:  I am a Realtor. What will be the commission structure?
A:  A 2% commission will be paid at lot closing, by the developer.

Q:  What title company will handle the closing?
A:  Stewart Title of Montgomery County will be the title company for all lot sales.

Lot Construction

Q:  I see that in some areas the trees were preserved. What is the reason?
A:  Trees in Reserves A & B were preserved as these areas are designated eagle preserve areas. Please see disclosures in the draft contract for details. Trees were also selectively preserved on some of the lots where feasible.

Q:  Are any of the lots in the 100YR Flood Plain?
A: Portions of the island, including some lots, are impacted by the 100-YR Flood Plain; however, the lots have been graded in such a manner that no portion of the area interior to the retaining wall located on each lot is within the 100-YR Flood Plain. Please refer to the disclosures which will be an exhibit to the form of contract.

Q:  How do I get access to lot layout and dimensions (plat)?
A: Please see the Recorded Plat link on the website for a copy of the recored plat.

Home Construction

Q:  Is there a required timeline to build on my lot after closing?
A:  Yes. All lots are required to commence construction within two years from the date of closing on the lot, and construction must be complete within 18 months of commencement of construction. Please refer to the draft contract.

Q:  Can I use any builder I prefer? Is there an approval process and what should I expect?
A:  Yes. Aria Isle is subject to a custom builder requirement. All builders and architects must submit an application for review and approval to the design review committee. Please see design guidelines for more information.

Q:  Are there architectural design guidelines?
A:  Yes, please visit AriaIsleAtEastShore.com for the design guidelines.

Q: What will be the architectural style or requirements for the homes?
A:  The intended architectural styles will be of the transitional, modern and contemporary form.

Q:  Are boat docks allowed on the lots? If so, what type of boats are permissible on Lake Woodlands?
A:  Boat docks, no more than 10’, are permissible on lots 1-15. All docks must be submitted for review and approval prior to starting construction. Please see the design guidelines for application process. All improvements are subject to approval. No power boats are permitted on Lake Woodlands. Only electric trolling motors or non-motorized boats are allowed.

Q: Can we have stairs or terraces from the retaining wall to get down to the water?
A:  Yes, all plans must be submitted and approved prior to starting construction. Please see the design guidelines for application process.

Homeowners Association & Amenities

Q:  Does Aria Isle have a separate HOA or is it part of the East Shore HOA?
A: Aria Isle residents will be members of East Shore Community Association (ESCA) and of Aria Isle at East Shore sub-association for Aria Isle residents only.

Q:  What are the HOA dues and what do they cover?
A: The ESCA 2023 assessment base rate is $3,000 per unit per year. ESCA dues cover operations and maintenance of East Shore common areas including, but not limited to, parks, sidewalks, clubhouse, pool, fountains, alleys, mailbox areas, open space reserves and a boat storage area. East Shore also has private security for the entire community. The Aria Isle 2023 assessment base rate is $4,000 per unit per year. This fee will cover operations and maintenance of Aria Isle common areas including, but not limited to, entry gate, parks, mailbox areas, private roads, common area sidewalks, and open space reserves on the island. To preserve the dark skies and maintain the appropriate level of exclusivity, streetlights and sidewalks along the roadway will not be installed.

Q:  What East Shore amenities will Aria Isle residents have access to?
A:  Residents have access to the East Shore Clubhouse and pool, and parks within East Shore.

Q:  Who is responsible for the maintenance of the bulkhead and retaining wall?
A:  Bulkhead and retaining wall maintenance is the responsibility of each individual owner, if either are within the lot boundary.

School & Taxes

Q:  What school district would residents of Aria Isle attend? 
A:  Aria Isle is zoned to Conroe ISD (Lamar for K-4, Wilkerson for 5-6, Knox Jr High for 7-8 and College Park HS for 9-12.) 

Q:  What is the current tax rate for Aria Isle?
A: The tax rate for Aria Isle is $2.13 per $100 valuation, which includes county, township, MUD and school rates. Please refer to the proper taxing authorities to confirm tax rates.